Windows Kits

SasNet offers you a list of Kits (software) for Windows! They are the most common and most important!

All the apps have been tested and work with: Windows XP,Vista,7,8.1,10!

Apps list:

-3DP(All Drivers)-


-Adobe Reader(PDF)-

-Adobe Shockwave(Web)-





-Daemon tools(ISO Image)-



-Irfan View(Photos)-


-Media Player Classic and VLC (Videos,Movies)-





-TeamViewer(Remote Control)-


-Visual c++(Windows)-


Download Deluge Portable&Configured By SasNet from Here

Download uTorrent 2.0.4 Portable&Configured By SasNet from Here

Here you can find 3 PDF files with Cybersecurity tutorial and Windows/Android optimization tutorials.


The most useful Chrome extensions:

-Adblock Plus-

-Avast Online Security-

-Pop up blocker-

-Privacy Badger-

-Avira Phantom VPN-

-EQualizer for Chrome-



In case you are a couch potato and you have no idea whatsoever how to download and install those cute little drivers from the manufacturer's website, SasNet recommends 3DP Chip.

3DP Chip is a free easy-to-use app with the magical performance of detecting the drivers that you need.

1) Download 3DP Net in order to install your internet drivers. In case the PC you are planning to install the drivers on is not yet connected to the internet (because of a missing driver), just download it on another PC and copy it on a USB Stick.

2) Download 3DP Chip Lite in order to install all the necessary drivers.

3) After the installation completes, reboot your system.