--- SasNetENB ---

SasNetENB is the most simple,beautiful and classic ENB for GTASA.

This ENB is based on the classic release.

This ENB is for medium-high-end PCs only.

The ENB contains:

1) The Classic enb from

2) Refix mod

3) SilentPatch

4) Colormod

5) Custom Particles and Timecyc

6) Windows 8 and 10 + SA-MP Compatible!

How to install?

1) Download CLEO4 last version from

2) Install Cleo4

2) Download SasNetENB.7z

3) Throw all files in gtasa folder

5) Enjoy&Play.

PS: -Real Screenshots without any other mods.

-If you want to use this ENB to screenshot other mods, give credit's!


Main SasNetENB - SasNet

Classic ENB - Boris Vorontsov

reffix.asi - SilentPL

SilentPatch - SilentPL

colormod.asi - Ryosuke839