GTA V Online Recovery Service

You just got the game and you want money and level? You have the game for a long period of time but you never reached level 120 to unlock everything, and you can never afford the latest cars and houses? 

Do you want money?

A bigger level?

Maximum stats?

Don't stare into the abyss, we offer Recovery services at Romanian level prices, a.k.a dirt cheap.

How do I proceed?

1)Add on Discord (sasnet#9090), or on skype (sas.samp)

2) We start the recovery service after you make the payment!

3) You send us the login details for Steam or Rockstar.

4) The service is ready in maximum an hour.

5) After recovery the account becomes undetectable.

Minimum chance of ban, under 5%.

Payment methods:

For Global Payments

For Romania

We have 4 recovery packages:

Quick notes:

1) We have the rights to choose our customers. We are not obliged to serve you if we don't want to.

2) The payment is NOT refundable in case of a BAN.

3) We can't offer recovery services in the first days after the update.

4) If we are on a holiday we can't honor the orders.