I have created this site because I want to share my projects with you.

All of my projects will be showcased on this new website, so don't forget to bookmark it if you like it!

After the DMCA complaints received on sasnet.eu, I decided that I shouldn't upload fies on my main site that have any tendencies with my projects.

All of my projects are free, trial versions and they don't break any law. I only use open-source software and 30-day trial Operating Systems.

A message for Microsoft from SasNet:

"Please do not report the links anymore. If you have workers with character and intelligence, contact me in privately! As you see (one person) I work better than half your team and I can even help you! Thanks!"

What will you find on this site?

-Windows Lite Project By SasNet-

-Windows Kits By SasNet-

-Activators for All Windows-

-Root APK's By SasNet-

-Radio SasNet-

-CODWWII LAN Tutorial By SasNet-

-GTA V Recovery for Online-

-DWMS = Discord Webhook Message Sender-

-ENB = SasNetENB for GTA San Andreas-

-3DP Drivers-